Being asked to photograph someone's wedding is a seriously big responsibility.

It's unbelievably nerve-racking, and despite the fact that I've covered so many different types of weddings to date...I still get really nervous! And do you know what? I hope that never subsides.


I care - massively - about doing the best job I can possibly do on your wedding day. I work my backside off from start to finish because I am fully aware that I only get one chance. I take pride in being not just any photographer on the day. I'm there to help pick up the train on your dress, sort people's buttonholes and cufflinks out, move your hair out of your eyes and dish out the confetti because everyone's forgotten it!  I'm there having a laugh with all your guests because I know how important it is for everyone to enjoy the day. The photographs from my wedding make me so happy every time I look at them, because each one brings back so many amazing memories from what was the best day ever! My aim, for each bride and groom that I meet, is to give you that exact same feeling. 

Thank you to each and every couple I've met over the years. Thank you for letting me in to the most special day of your lives, and for putting your trust in me. You've helped build my self-belief and confidence without even realising it... probably because you were too busy snogging on your wedding day!

  It has honestly been an absolute pleasure to meet you all, and welcome you as friends in to my life, too.