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About me

Essential things you need to know about me: I’m Leanne, I'm 30 and I'm a Lincolnshire born and bred photographer, based in Horncastle. I'm a wife, french bulldog enthusiast and owner, experienced gin drinker and mashed potato eater and I have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest. I also work full time in a marketing role and only take on a certain amount of photography work per year. 

I’m a self-taught photographer. No, I wasn't handed a camera by my grandad and given pearls of wisdom on how to ensure a successful career in photography, nor had I even stepped foot in a darkroom until my third year of university! My journey to where I am now simply doesn't have the wonderful, idyllic beginning that so many others seem to have. My story is that I left school with no gear and absolutely no idea on what I wanted to do, and thought I’d try my hand at a Photography degree. Well, talk about chucking yourself in at the deep end! Turns out that everyone else on the course had done their GCSE and A-Level Photography first. I didn't even own a camera!


Anyway, three years and a LOT of hard work later, I’d managed to catch up with all the far more experienced people on my course, and -  still to my own disbelief - I came out with a 2:1. Not bad for someone who "didn't know how to take a photo" eh?! 

Almost ten years since then and this is me. I am blessed with natural creativity, and I have been brought up to understand the reward of hard graft and open-mindedness. It's been a seriously busy ten years and far from easy. I've loved watching my style define itself before my eyes, and I don't think I've ever felt more passionate about what I do than right now!




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instagram: @lannypanny