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I’m Leanne, I'm 33 and I'm a Lincolnshire born and bred photographer based in Horncastle. I'm a wife, a mother of two, an experienced gin drinker and mashed potato eater and I'm one of those people who'll spend a good few hour "faffing" to make stuff on a shelf look just right - basically I really know how to live! 

I’m a self-taught photographer and proud. My journey to where I am now simply doesn't have the wonderful, idyllic beginning that so many others seem to have. My story is that I left school with no gear and absolutely no idea on what I wanted to do, and thought I’d try my hand at a Photography degree. I did then what I still do now - I put my life and soul in to it and came out with an amazing result. Grafting is in my DNA and the two amazing people who made me brought me up to teach me the reward of hard work. I put a lot in to life and I get a lot out of it too! I am on paper what I am in person - a jack of all trades! I love having many strings to my bow and living a fulfilled life, I honestly cannot remember the last time I was bored. 

I count myself lucky to be someone who is naturally practical and creative and do something like this to earn a living. Making things look good is what makes me tick and that's what I do every time I pick up the camera and edit a set of images. 

I'm also an absolute hoot and love to laugh! My excellent piss-taking skills have gained me many new friends over the years and I am never afraid to laugh at my own long as it gets me the shot! 





instagram: @leannedonohuephoto


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